I help busy people create space for who and what they enjoy!

  • Overwhelmed by the clutter around you?
  • Busy and can’t find the time to get organized?
  • Frustrated that the mess keeps coming back?
  • Motivated but not too sure where to start?

  • You are not alone.
  • Organization is possible.
  • I can help.

Home Organization

From a closet to your whole home, I can help you enjoy your space again.

Unpacking Services

Is the thought of unpacking overwhelming you? Let me help get those boxes out of your house!

Downsizing Support

Moving to a smaller space? I can help you with the tough decisions needed when downsizing.

Virtual Organizing

If you are comfortable with the computer and don’t think you need hands-on support, we can do everything online.

Quick Reset

Sometimes life gets busy and your home can get a little messy and cluttered. Book me for a quick reset.

My name is Janice Yam and I am honoured that I get to help people
go from overwhelmed to organized.
I would love to hear about your organization challenges and answer any questions you have.

Helping my clients go from overwhelmed to organized is why I love what I do! I hope they enjoy their space(s) for years to come.

Hear what my clients are saying:

“Janice was such a joy to work with! She helped me organise my space in a way that was functional for me! She helped me take back my space with no judgement or uncomfortable feelings (which is huge for me and my anxiety!).”

– Alexandra B.

“Setting up a more functional kitchen/pantry was the goal! We did it… and it was fun! I got rid of stuff I wasn’t using that had been pushed to the back of cupboards. Janice helped me reorganize things so they were more functional for me. We set very practical goals and I’m happy with the results. Thanks Janice! I’m still loving having my spices closer!!”

– Rebekah S.

“Janice has an uncanny knack for and seeing the potential in any space. She has definitely helped in decluttering and making our home more inviting. I didn’t realize how having a cluttered, disorganized house affected my life until it got transformed with her help. Thank you Janice.”

– Caroline C.

“Janice allowed me to go at my own pace. She showed me how to go through my stuff and make quick decisions. We were able to get through a lot of items and I was given time to do some sorting by myself. I got in the head space to get rid of items I no longer needed or wanted.”

– Evelyn R.

“Our belongings are now sorted and organized in a logical manner that makes them easier to use and more accessible. We cleared part of furniture and floor space we hadn’t seen in years.”

– Gloria & Luke D.

“We found the process of cleaning up and was less challenging than we thought. We got it done and it went smoother and quicker with Janice’s guidance and help. We were very happy with the results.”

– Mark & Michele

“Janice was very helpful with my laundry and storage room. It is so nice to go into the storage room and be able to find what I need and to be able to see what I have in stock at one glance.”

– Nancy H.

Let’s talk about what you are struggling with and how I can help.

Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary assessment.