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Our Mission:

jyam-packed is committed to helping busy people get organized with one-on-one support and enthusiastic encouragement. I help people create space for who and what they enjoy!

Janice Yam

Asking for help is a big step. Opening your door to a stranger can seem overwhelming, so let me introduce myself. My name is Janice Yam. I absolutely love to see people go from overwhelmed to organized. My job brings me great joy!

Am I minimalist? No.

Do I only keep things that “spark joy”? No.

And truthfully, I haven’t always been organized. For me, when my home becomes cluttered, so does my heart and mind. As a business owner, I need organization to help me manage my time and stress. As I have gotten older, I have continued to look for ways to simplify my life. The less stuff I have, the less time it takes to stay organized, freeing me up to enjoy my hobbies and spend time with family and friends.

Beyond my business, I love to explore the great outdoors, hike in the mountains and travel the world. When home, I enjoy creating hand-made cards, cross-stitching and learning to sew. (For any of you who are crafters, I completely understand the challenge of organizing craft supplies so they don’t take over your home.)