It all starts with a discussion.

Let’s talk about the goals you have for your space(s) and any challenges you may have in reaching those goals.

Organizing takes planning, focused effort and time. You can do it! And I can help.

I will help you:

  • Set goals and a vision for your space(s).
  • Create a customized plan to take you from start to completion.
  • Support you through the decluttering.  We will sort items and help you decide what to keep, donate or toss.
  • Organize your belongings in a way that will work for you and that you can maintain.
  • Celebrate with you as you enjoy your newly organized space.

Let’s get started. Let’s have a conversation.

Our services include:

Home Organization

Does your kitchen or pantry need a good decluttering and tidying up? How would you like a closet that makes you happy to start your day because everything fits and makes you feel good? Out of sight, out of mind. Do you have a space in your house where you dump items you’re not too sure what to do with?

I would love to help get your home decluttered and organized. Areas I can help:
• Closets & Bedrooms
• Kitchen & Pantry
• Bathrooms
• Spare rooms
• Storage room, Basement & Garage
• Whole Home

Unpacking Services

Have you recently moved or completed a reno? Is the thought of unpacking and setting up overwhelming? Are you busy and too tired to unpack? Finding the right new place to put items can be exhausting. As one of our clients put it, “you may have option overwhelm.” Taking time to plan out your space and unpack fully will save you time and stress in the future.

Let me help you get unpacked and get your belongings organized and put away in places that will make sense for you and your new space.


Are you looking to downsize to a smaller place? Do you have a home filled with a lifetime of belongings and don’t know where to start? Whether the decision is yours or not, downsizing can be quite stressful and an overwhelming time. Less space means you will need to make decisions on what you to keep and take with you. Let’s choose items you enjoy and you know will fit in your new space.

I believe downsizing can be a positive experience and opportunity for you to possibly simplify your life. I will help keep you focused to the future, by casting a vision for your new space and choosing items to support this vision. If you are moving to a smaller space, I can help you with the tough decisions needed when downsizing.

Virtual Organizing

Are you a self-starter but struggling to know where to begin and need some professional direction? Need accountability to stay motivated as you get organized? Don’t live in Edmonton but would like to work with us? We can still help. If you are comfortable with the computer and don’t think you need hands-on support, we can do everything online and still help you get organized.

With virtual organizing, I will start with a virtual tour and discussion to determine your needs and come up with a plan. I will work through the organizing process online while you do the work yourself and assign things you can work on between sessions. I can work with you anywhere you are.

Quick Reset

Life happens. Staying organized takes time and consistency. Sometimes life gets busy and your home can get a little messy and cluttered. Need a room straightened for a guest coming? Want to declutter your closet for the new season? Looking to purge your pantry? Sometimes a little maintenance is all you need. Book me for a quick reset.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift that won’t add to your friend’s clutter? Do you have a family member who wants to get organized? Consider the gift of organization. Gift certificates includes a complimentary needs assessment to determine an area where help is needed. My gift certificates are available in paper or electronic format. Contact me.