“Janice allowed me to go at my own pace. She showed me how to go through my stuff and make quick decisions. We were able to get through a lot of items and I was given time to do some sorting by myself. I got in the head space to get rid of items I no longer needed or wanted.”
Evelyn R.

“Our belongings are now sorted and organized in a logical manner that makes them easier to use and more accessible. We cleared parts of furniture and floor space we hadn’t seen in years.”
Gloria & Luke D.

“After a gut-to-the-studs, self-managed kitchen renovation that took about a month to complete, I was delighted with the outcome, but completely exhausted. At that point, the prospect of moving back into the space, and finding the right new places for everything was literally overwhelming.

I called Janice who agreed to come and help guide the process. Within a few hours of her arrival, everything from canned soup to places mats and everything in between had found exactly the right new home. Right from the start and as we went along, she asked questions about how I moved around the kitchen and what was important to me. She combined that information with her outstanding organizational skills and easily placed things in spots that were intuitive to me. I could never have accomplished the task on my own. Janice is easy to be around, and comes alongside as an advocate to help get the job done!”
Bruce M

“Janice has an uncanny knack for organizing and seeing the potential in any space. She has definitely helped in decluttering and making our home more inviting. I didn’t realize how having a cluttered, disorganized house affected my life until it got transformed with her help. Thank you Janice.”
Caroline C

“We found the process of cleaning up and organizing was less challenging than we thought. We got it done and it went smoother and quicker with Janice’s guidance and help. We were very happy with the results.”
Mark & Michele

“Janice was very helpful with organizing my laundry and storage room. It is so nice to go into the storage room and be able to find what I need and to be able to see what I have in stock at one glance.”
Nancy H

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